Slice Insurance (Customer)


It makes sense that Slice is out of New York, they cover such a cool market-space, real time "sharing economy" insurance, rideshare and homeshare.  Task-based jobs such as handymen, house cleaners, dog walkers are some of the ideas they have coming up.  They offer peace of mind while you're trying to make side cash in the sharing economy, for only a few dollars, or Pounds soon, as they've made a partnership in the UK to start offering their sharing economy insurance overseas.

It is very interesting to watch InsurTech's get legs in the US (Lemonade) and then take the models globally.  We'll be watching that trend at Broker Gizmos.  We'll also watch down the road to see if InsurTechs are backed with their own reserves, or have a larger institution or reinsurer supporting them.  It'll be fascinating to watch this space mature, it appears that a blending of the new and old guard is in the not too distant future...

Here is what Slice has to say about themselves on LinkedIn:

About us

Slice Labs provides on-demand pay-per-use insurance for the on-demand economy. It's acquired with the tap of a smartphone app and billed directly to your credit card. It couldn't be easier! Best of all, it works the way you work in the on-demand marketplace –– you only pay for the insurance you need, when you need it. We are bringing trust, protection, and safety together. There's a new way – be a part of it.