More than just insurance policies


We are looking to spur the conversation of what insurance can and should be. We'll be exploring the technological change of the industry, while embracing it's heritage. Cyber is one market we want to dive more and more into as well.


Commercial Insurance

Broad Ranging Commercial Risk Coverage

We will work with your company to make sure have the most cost effective policies in place, while still covering your insurance needs. We have access to extensive marketers, and will, gladly do policy reviews (more info).

Personal Insurance

Hand Picked Policies to Protect You Properly

We pursue the right coverage at the cheapest price, and look at your personal liabilities and risk as a whole, we know life is complex. We want to make sure to cover your entire person, and to have insurance be an an asset for your future (more info).



Start-Up Advising

I am proud to be an advisor to Lifeguard, and API auth token(think KAYAK and real-time flight rates) for accurate personal lines insurance quoting.

There are tremendous opportunities on the sales side of insurance, as well as in the technology behind it, I am happy to be an Advisor on both fronts. (More info.)

Specialty Products

AVIATION, cyber, and FLOOD Insurance

We are happy to connect you with top brokers in the Aviation insurance.

We also do more than just sell you a Cyber policy, we help make sure you’re ready for today’s threats.

Additionally, our flood insurance partner is often able to save clients thousands over legacy systems and policies. (More info.)

*Cannabis coming soon, please reach-out for updates.


Brett Fulmer is also the Founder of the Newport Beach Insurance Center,, where we meet traditional insurance needs.

We’re working with Lifeguard, a CA based insurtech start-up that uses API auth tokens for accurate personal lines quoting.

We will be further exploring the latest insurance tech and Cyber insurance products through too.


-Broker Brett

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