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This site is set-up to be your California risk resource – we believe California is one big neighborhood, and any good neighborhood should have its residents looking out for each other. When we built this website, we handpicked resources to help protect our California community.

I am also happy to talk with insurance brokers nationwide about the opportunities we're seeing in regards to insurance and tech.


Drone Coverage

Online biNding for professional coverage

Drones and UAVs present a new type of risk exposure.  Our industry partner provides specialized insurance coverage for drones and UAVs. They cover physical damage to your drone, liability insurance covering, bodily injury and property damage. (More info.)

boats flood.jpg

Flood Insurance

data driven PRIVATE flood INSURANCe

Government back flood plans and maps have a tremendous amount of room for improvement.  Using cutting edge geo-spacial data and private flood markets, our flood insurance partner is often able to save clients thousands over legacy systems and policies. (More info.)


Cannabis Coverage

More Details Coming soon

Regardless of your political, philosophical, medical or religious opinion, you'd be hard pressed to ignore the potential value coming to CA in the form of the cannabis industry. (More info.)


Insurtech tooLs and social media advising

There are thousands of funded InsurTech firms to use out there, so where do you start?  And which social media is relevant to growing an agency?  Instead of fearing change, please reach-out and we can start a conversation about getting your firm to plat offense instead of f. (More info.)

General Insurance

We also provide Property, Casualty, Life and Health referrals to excellent California insurance resources.  All connected offices have been in the California insurance industry for generations.

Background and Contact:

Broker Brett (Fulmer) was born and raised in the Greater Los Angeles area, and currently he resides in Costa Mesa with his wife.

Brett holds active Property, Causality, Health and Life insurance licences, and is glad to connect people and companies with great related resources.

Please reach out with any risk, InsurTech or Social Media related questions, and thank you for stopping by.

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