Broker Lift (Broker)


Broker Lift wants to enable brokers to digitally sell insurance online.  They are carrier agnostic and want to help brokers compete with the Lemonades and MetroMiles of the world, through their rented online quoting and binding portals for lower cost policies (renters, events, small BOPs, etc.).  If a carrier will let you bind online, Broker Lift wants to make it easier for your customers to buy online.  Brokers and insurance commentators were scared "InsurTech" was going to come along and eat their lunch, BrokerLift is a company in the space that'll help brokers fight back.

The founders have insurance and consulting background.  They saw that their original offering for a tech enabled insurance sales product was going to be too bulky for most shops to implement, so they've created a Swiss Army Knife to enable all types of polices to be white labeled and sold online, allowing brokers to stay in the forefront of their policy sales.  The core of the team is a Canadian based start-up, they have joined a Bay Area incubator.  It will be fun to watch their growth in 2018.

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BrokerLift provides a turnkey eCommerce platform for insurance brokers to instantly enable online sales and service to their customers. As a purpose-built managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the insurance industry, the BrokerLift platform features both highly secure and completely flexible technology.  BrokerLift is fast becoming the eCommerce partner of choice for Insurance Companies.