Risk Genius (Broker)


Based out of Overland Park Kansas, Risk Genius is examining policies through machine learning (artificial intelligence) for comparison. 

No more cutting docs and placing similar portions on a desk to examine risk, or pouring over policies for hours with tabs and highlighters looking for similarities, since there isn't a standard form.  And document review is just the beginning for risk genius, they want to become a source of doc creation, analytics and compliance.

This technology will help break through the vagueness that's been built into the industry over the years.  It's help brokers really get down to the meat and potatoes of what matters to clients.  Please checkout their site and follow them on twitter below:


Here's is RiskGenius's about us from LinkedIn:

Nearly instant policy analysis.

RiskGenius leverages patent pending Policy Analytics technology. Each insurance policy is separated into clauses, which are then categorized based on common industry terminology. Users can then instantly locate key clauses across one or more policies, streamlining the review process.