Bunker (Broker)


Bunker saw a pain point and found an opportunity.  Most contractors get GL policies when they have to, and let them lapse when they're no longer needed.  It's a headache for most institutions, companies, etc., to make sure their contractors have polices in place as well.  Bunked provides on-demand coverage for contractors and small buisnesses, and makes it easy for institutions to see who is covered and who is not.

Here's what they say about themselves on LinkedIn:

Removing Barriers to Business Relationships by Embedding Insurance into the Contracting Process. 

Bunker is a technology platform that automates insurance certificate tracking, in addition to a licensed digital broker that delivers the exact insurance a small business or freelancer needs, at the moment they need it. We're able to reduce the time needed to comply with complicated insurance requirements by days - and in many cases it only takes minutes through our proprietary usage-based business insurance policy. 

Here's thier website: