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HazardHub USA (Carrier)


HubHazard caught our eye because it is at the core of what insurance is all about, being prepared for a sudden and accidental event, they keep an eye out for the big boy risks too.

HazardHub collects info on catastrophic and non-catastrophic but still dangerous risks, and gives free personal lines consumer reports, and consults commercial companies.  These major "Black Swan" events are more and more common these days, and HazardHub gives a breakdown of the likelihood of these instances effecting your home or business, with reports on everything from underground storage tanks, feet to the true coastline, and feet from a fire-hydrant.

Here's what they have to say about their own company on LinkedIn:

HazardHub creates third-generation geospatial risk databases for the continental United States. We build databases for -

Air - Tornado, Straight Line Wind, 2" Hail, Hurricane
Fire - Wildfire, Fire Protection Class
Water - FEMA Flood, Distance to River/Stream, Storm Surge, Tsunami
Earth - Earthquake, Distance to Nearest Fault
Human - Superfund, Brownfield, Fracking Induced Earthquake

Want to see how your property measures up? Enter your address into our consumer site,, to get a report card on a location. For free!

Here's their website: