Ask Kodiak (Broker)


I had heard of Ask Kodiak a while ago, loved the name, but was never entirely clear on what they did.  Once I get their value proposition it seemed so simple and helpful, Ask Kodiac helps brokers realize carrier risk appetites.  The bear made so much more sense too!

The value of a broker should be that they have multiple companies they can place policies through.  Through human nature though, they often connect with a few houses, and send business through the channels where they have relationships or know the system.

In my humble opinion, Ask Kodiac helps brokers get back to their job, by empowering them to realize who wants to work with their clients policies and truly find the best fit.  There was a lot of fear around the insurance industry that tech was going to replace independent brokers, this is one tool that will help them add more value than ever.

Here's their website and twitter handle for more info:


Here is Ask Kodiak's about us from LinkedIn:

AskKodiak is organizing commercial insurance. Brokers get a really simple (and totally free) way to search for eligible carrier markets. Carriers get a digital marketing platform that gives them some unique analytics about what agents and brokers are searching for and some easy-to-use tools to feature their products. It's way better than the Sharepoint portals, territory manager visits, and email blasts of the past.