Broker Buddah (Broker)


I was introduced to Broker Buddha by Ryan Hanley's Agency Nation podcast, easily one of the top podcast on insurance and marketing.

RightSignature is a great app for getting docs signed, I've loved using it.  Broker Buddha takes that, or Doc U Sign, to the next level.  They allow you to be able to pre-populate insurance forms, take out un-needed sections, or repeat (reminds me of TaxAct) forms from a year before but make needed headcount or revenue edits.

Apart from the direct form features themselves, BrokerBuddha will have reminders to your clients for the docs, and integrate to your agency management system to avoid double entries. This technology sounds like it'll help cut out the last generation motions (driving to a customer, entering in data manually) and enable deep connections  and more thorough work.

Here's their website for a deeper dive:


It tells the state of the company more thna anything, but here's their LinkedIn about us:

We're in private beta at the moment. Stay tuned for more news from us later this year. Get in touch with if you'd like to learn more.