Friendly Agent Bot (Broker)


Independent agents have had good reason to be worried about InsurTech, and major carriers going direct to consumers.  Luckily though, companies like Friendly Agent Bot are coming to the rescue!

With AI bots assisting local brokers, just like the major carriers would, they're allowing the little guys to play like the big boys.  With these bots handling simpler tasks and conversation, it frees up time for agents to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Here's what they had to say in their "about" on their own website:

Insurance Agents/Agencies/Brokers

  • We have ready to install Chatbots for multiple lines of businesses which can be configured based on your business need
  • We can create Chatbot specific to your business needs
  • Run marketing campaigns using online channels like Facebook Ads/ Google ads.

Insurance Buyers

  • We can connect you to Insurance Agent who can help you in finding insurance which meet your need at best price.

Here's their website: