Jetty (Personal)


Being one of the rare exception, Broker Gizmos was aware of the renters deposit PASSPORT product by JETTY, before the renters offering itself.  Partially our of necessity, and possibly out of curiosity, we decided to pick-up a JETTY renters policy. The experience was freaking smooth. 

The thing that stuck out the most about the renters experience was they made it very clear you had some coverage from the standard policy, but you SHOULD get extra coverage to make sure you're properly covered for things like jewelry or electronics, should you actually need to use the policy.  Having a Property and Casualty background, we were very happy to see this.  You want an insurance policy to do what it's supposed to do.  By putting the extended coverage up-front and making it clear why you need it they're doing a great service to their customers.

Their PASSPORT product is very cool too.  It helps landlord and customers get security deposits covered, it's the cosigner you may not have, and they're willing and able to work with landlords on the customers behalf to make the process smooth.  In a world of skyrocketing rents, and usually a one sided relationship, it's awesome that JETTY is helping people get into places they'll love and cover them ponce they're there.

Here is what JETTY has to say about themselves on LinkedIn:

Jetty is a financial services company that designs products and solutions that help people reach their goals faster by removing obstacles and risks. Currently, Jetty focuses on solving the problem of renting a place through a novel offering of financial services and insurance products that reduce headaches for consumers and property managers. Offered in combination or à la carte and accessible over any digital device, Jetty products are widely available across the United States; the Company aims have its offering available fully nationwide within 2018. Ready to Jetty? Visit us at