DataCubes Inc. (Broker)


Already embraced by the press, Insurance Thought Leadership, VC News Daily and Chicago Business (among others), DataCubes Inc. is transforming the underwriting process, creating 10x efficiencies in research and improving loss rations.

DataCubes is able accomplish this by embracing data science to pull hundreds of data points into one clean report, allowing for quick effective decision making.  The admin workload is 60% less through the prefilled data they provide as well, saving time for underwriters and allowing them to truly analyze the risk, not get buried in paperwork.

Here is what they say on LinkedIn about their company:

About us

DataCubes is the first data science platform for commercial underwriting. DataCubes helps carriers improve customer engagement, underwriting productivity, and profitability. DataCubes' platform uses data science to eliminate paperwork, provide a holistic view of risks by analyzing a broad array of internal and external data sources, and score and prioritize commercial risks.

Here's their website: